Mitch & Dave

A sweet mix of charm and wit, owner-operators Dave and Mitch compliment each other like modern jawbreakers and traditional rock candy. 
Meet Mitch and Dave
For over 20 years the pair has made a hobby of tireless comedic banter. So it wasn't surprising when Dave came up with the "crazy" idea to start a candy store... and Mitch spent a few months chiding Dave with his best candy jokes, jingles and movie references.
Many have said they are as different as they could possibly be, but few friendships have endured the test of time and changing life phases as this tried and true two. In fact, they claim it's their differences that not only make them the best of friends, but uber effective business partners.
So while it may have taken a while, once they realized that it was all their many differences that would make this company amazing, the game was on and the candy store went live.
Their dedication to quality (Mitch), customer service (Dave), and a fun (Dave) and unique (Mitch) buying experience are truly what set these best friends, and Candy Envy, apart from the rest. 


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