Mega Mints - Retro Megaman 8-Bit Mint Tins - 3-Pack


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What self-respecting retro gamer can resist the charm of 8-bit Megaman? Sure, Mario blazed the side-scrolling 2D trail, but the robotic blue bomber brought a hip new style to the scene like no other. Now, you can honor your favorite retro-robot with these officially licensed Nintendo collectable mint tins. Each individually wrapped tin contains approximately 1.2 oz. of mint-flavored tiny E-tanks.  

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Megaman fan, look no further! Each 8-Bit Mega Mint tin is filled with tiny white, E-tank-shaped mint candies. These make excellent stocking stuffers, party favors, collector's items, or they may just become your favorite little breath freshener!

Here are the Specs: 

  • 3, INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED slightly curved "hip-friendly' rectangular tins
  • Each tin filled with sealed bag of tiny E-tank mints (each mint measures approximately 0.5" in diameter)
  • Great for Megaman themed parties, collectors, retro video game fanatics, holiday gifts and stocking stuffers
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