Zotz Fizzy Candy Blue Raspberry Flavored 2lb 170 Pieces


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Did you know these fizzy hard candies have been delighting taste buds for about half a century??? 

Blue Raspberry flavored Zotz come in a large 2 pound bag with plenty of fantastic nostalgia to share!

Never had a Zotz? This one is a home run if you like blue raspberry slushies, right down to the carbonation... but as an added bonus... NO BRAIN FREEZE!

Here are the Specs:

  • What's in the bag: Approximately 170 individually wrapped pieces of blue raspberry flavored, fizzy centered hard candy!
  • Bag Weight: 2 Pounds!
  • Wrapper Color: Blue
  • Candy Flavor: Blue Raspberry
  • Fat-free, Dairy-free and *technically* Gluten-free (See Nutrition Facts)
  • CONTAINS WHEAT:  but considered gluten-free, pursuant to FDA regulations
  • Number of Candies Per Bag: Approximately 170 individually wrapped candies
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