Candy Envy Lemonade, 3-Ways

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Remember when summer was about swimming pools, summer jobs, and slacking off? Why not bring back a little of that summer fun with the sweet charm of an old fashioned lemonade stand?

Whether you're treating your kids to an old fashioned treat or dressing up your next backyard shindig, homemade lemonade never fails to impress.

All you need to be cooling off in sweet Candy Envy style is a glass, a few cubes of ice, lemons, water and Candy Envy's signature Rock Candy on a Stick and possibly some extra sugar if your serving the masses.

1. Block Party Lemon Punch

You may choose to make your lemonade in advance and allow guests to drop a beautifully sweet stir stick in their glass, or make your own sweet and refreshing treat by offering assorted rock candy flavors.

For this twist on an old favorite, make up a large dispenser of sweet and sour magic by mixing:

  • 1 cup bottled or freshly squeezed lemon juice (lime can be a real crowd pleaser as well)
  • Up to 1 cup Sugar (to taste, or slightly less sweet than you prefer as you'll be adding rock candy stir sticks)
  • 2 Quarts Cold Water
  • Ice for Glasses

Mix the sugar into your lemon juice until dissolved. Add cold water. Pour some lemonade into ice cube trays or a plastic container small enough to fit through the opening of your beverage dispenser. Refrigerate the remaining lemonade in your beverage dispenser. Freeze to make lemonade ice cubes that won't water down your lemonade. Remove your perfectly lemony ice cubes and add to your chilled lemonade. Serve along side your favorite recyclable cups or mason jars with the rock candy of your choice!

2. Impress your kids with 'Magically Sweet' Lemonade!

Start by adding lemon juice to ordinary water and ice. Juice is sweet right? So taste your concoction together! Wait a minute... this is hardly lemonade! Present each of your puckery faces with a stick of rock candy and let them stir in the magical sweetness. As the sugar dissolves encourage a small taste here an there to check the progress!

Here's a simple recipe to get you started:

  • Squeeze 1 lemon into a 1 pint Mason Jar
  • Fill halfway with water
  • When you're ready to sweeten things up, stir with an all natural, white, rock candy on a stick 
  • Once dissolved, fill the remainder of the glass with ice
  • Stir
  • Enjoy!

Cherry Lemonade with Rock Candy

3. Flavorade

Starting with one of the recipes above. When it comes time for rock candy, amp of the flavor or color with assorted rock candy!

Flavored/colored lemonade - substitute a Cherry, Strawberry, blue raspberry, black cherry, or grape rock candy. 

For colored lemonade without the additional flavoring - substitute one of our original rock candy's in navy blue, lavender, or gold for a richer yellow.

Have fun and be sure to share your recipes with us!

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