Our Brand

What makes Candy Envy the envy of our competitors? 

  • Loyal customers. That's it! They can't stand that you are here. Right now. Reading this. Now that we have your attention, we intend to keep it!
  • Our Loyal Customers like us. They REALLY like us. That was our goal when we started this crazy thing and that's what we're always working for... hard earned happy customers.

5 star review

So how do we keep adding to our beautiful collection of happy, loyal, super fantastic customers? 

  • Top notch customer service. The numbers don't lie. Of the over 3,500 customer reviews left for us on Amazon, over 99% of them have been positive. Maybe it's because: when you call, we answer -- when you email, we reply -- when you message, we respond. Oh, and we never leave high fives hanging.
  • Super amazing shipping practices. It starts with a super low standard shipping price (only $5 gets your orders to you pronto!). Then we layer on an industry low "Free-shipping" threshold. Orders of only $50 include shipping on us! But we don't stop there. The moment your order comes in, we know, and we have your order bundled up for its protection and ready to rumble before our Mail Lady can say "How's it goin' guys?" Not only will you get most orders in 3 business days or less, it won't cost you a bundle for fast shipping. We want you to spend your budget on candy, not shipping. 
We ship 1st Class and Priority on all our products.
  • High quality products. We scour the market for the best products to suit your needs so you don't have to. Then we take care to store them in an uber clean, climate controlled, super awesome hideout, and work our tails off to keep things moving off the shelves where they can do the most good and make room for newer, fresher, products.
This is our report card. We're pretty proud of it!
  • Meticulous quality control. Many people ask us why we don't sell all the ooey gooey melty stuff. The reason... because no one wants a box of goo on their front step or in their mailbox. Every product we sell had a buddy that sat in our warehouse until past its expiration date... on purpose... just so we could see what it tasted like after sitting around for a few months to a year. Not only that, but we ship ourselves new products, just so we can see what happens to them in the roasty toasty Las Vegas mail scene. Everything we sell has passed our test! Now that doesn't mean that you can leave your gumballs on the front porch in July for a few days, we take good care of this stuff, we expect our amazing customers to do the same! 
  • We are the company. As owners we are actively involved in the day-to-day operations and interactions with our customers. Allowing us to better know our customers. We feel this is the real reason we out shine the competition. We work alongside our packagers, photographers, designers, and interns, actively assessing all aspects of our business and market. So go ahead, drop us a line, place an order, give us a call! We can't wait to do business with you.

We love loading up the US Postal Service!