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Probably early May would be your best bet. Some online retailers will recommend you purchase your candy more than 2 months in advance. If you're only buying lollipops or rock candy, this works great! Although, we typically recommend 2 weeks to a month. This is because we want you to have the freshest candy possible, so while most of your candy will be fresh for months, some even years (rock candy for example is just as tasty up to 2 years later!), a month in advance of your party will be a pretty good time frame to shoot for. Buttermints especially are best sooner rather than later, so maybe plan to order those with two weeks to spare. 

ALL OF IT! Just kidding. That's a much harder question than one would think. Generally speaking, a pound of candy will fill about a 1 quart container. Check out our blogfor tricks and tips!

We wish we could teleport our candy straight to you, but we're still working out the details on that. For now, we send our candy the fastest way we know how, with the lightning fast service of the superheroes of the delivery world: okay, okay, we leave the delivery to the US Postal Service. We package your order within hours of it coming in and have it ready to go out in the next mail drop. All orders of 2 items or more will find their way to you via priority mail, and should be to you in fewer than 5 business days, most often 2 - 3 business days. Small single orders are sent usually sent 1st Class and typically arrive in 5 - 10 business days. If you are concerned your package will not make it in time, contact us or select upgraded shipping at checkout.

We store all our candy for as little time as possible in our super clean (check out our A Grade!), climate controlled warehouse. We monitor the temperature and humidity daily to ensure the best possible environment for your candy. We even store our most sensitive candies in airtight containers and only open them to fill an order... or to check them for freshness, of course. 

Of course! We have a family member that struggles with gluten so we take this one seriously. All of our products are currently gluten-less (no gluten containing ingredients), and many are gluten-free (manufactured in a gluten-free facility). As our product line grows, there is a chance we could have products in the future that may contain gluten or be exposed to gluten in the manufacturing process, but don't worry, we'll be sure to post "gluten-free" on listings that can claim that status.

Chocolate melts. Plain 'n' simple.

At around 85 to 90° F, depending on the chocolate, your beautifully crafted (we would only go after the best, of course) chocolate would turn to chocolate soup, then by the time it cooled off and heated up a few more times in transit, all the painstaking tempering would be for naught.

We have some amazing associates out there that are able to ship chocolate without too much trouble, but there are plenty that wind up with some less than happy customers, and we simply don't want that. Besides, we're based in Las Vegas. We get excited when it gets down to 90° F, in the middle of the night, in July and August. We KNOW mail gets that warm, and even well over 100° F when it's being loaded for transit, so in an attempt to avoid sending chocolate soup and raking in the unhappy customers, we've opted to stay out of the melty melty chocolate business. Sorry, maybe someday, when we figure out that teleporting thing.

Great question! The simple answer: 2 bags should fill your jar just about perfectly. Want more details, or need information on filling different containers? Keep an eye on our blog! We're always posting helpful tips and tricks!

We recommend 2 bags. Each bag has right around 100 buttermints in it. They average 105, but because we package them by weight, you could get 99 that just happen to be a little bigger or more tender than the typical lot. Even our amazing quality control can't guarantee that each buttermint is exactly the same size and weight. :) So just to be safe, err on the side of excess and you'll likely be able to share 2 mints with each guest!

We do! We are proud to offer many Kosher options, including our rock candyandgumballs. Want more details, check out our product listings orshoot us an email!

Dave: I'll get back to you on that.

Mitch: My wife. Seriously, her name is Candi.

Cry, for a good soldier was lost. Then pull yourself together, take a few pics andget ahold of us! We do our best to protect your candy, but let's be honest, once it leaves our hands, we have no idea who could be drop kicking it through a mailroom, tossing it on your doorstep or cramming it into a tiny mailbox. That being said, you didn't buy broken candy, and you can't use broken candy, so take a picture, send us anemailorgive us a call, and send it on back! You didn't buy broken candy, so we'll do our best to make it right. Just don't send us used candy... we really don't appreciate receivingusedcandy.

That definitely depends on the candy. Generally speaking you don't want any food product sitting around for too long, the quality, taste, and texture, will all diminish over time. Of our candies, the hard candies like rock candy and Zotz have fairly long shelf lives, truly they still taste great after a year or even two!

Buttermints and gumballs are far more temperamental. Over time, even in their sealed bags, they lose moisture and eventually become hard. One of our favorite bad reviews (yes, we have a couple... bad reviews...oh, and favorite bad reviews as well!) was left quite sometime after the purchase date and read something like "Taste like little pebble."  Truly classic, somehow whenever we quote this line it's in a ridiculous (and undoubtedly bad) Russian accent. But in all seriousness, we take your feedback very, um... seriously. Which is why we urge all of our customers to wait to buy their buttermints and gumballs until just a few weeks from their intended event. We like to sell them well before their best by dates and ensure you enjoy them soon after their arrival so you get the best possible flavor and texture. Please help us in our mission to honor good candy and not suffer the dreaded, "lee-tal peh-bull." See, really bad, Russian accent.

We are always looking to expand our healthier options. We are working on a super secret, amazingly yummy, low calorie line, but you are just going to have to be patient andkeep tabs on our new releases. For now, we haveCinna-pix, which are zero calorie toothpicks with a great cinnamon flavor. We also have an extensive line of tiny, flavor packed, lollipops. Check out ourDum-Dumsat only 15 calories per pop! 

We do! Check out ourWholesalerandEvent Plannerprograms! Thenshoot us an email!

Yes! Check out our awesomeEvent Planner programs!

Great question!Tell uswhat you are looking to do and we'll see what we can do for you!

We pride ourselves on the lowest shipping possible! Just $5 ships your order of sweetness. If you order $50 of deliciousness, we drop that shipping cost to $0. That's right, no shipping on any order over $50!

You don't, but we hope you believe us when we say we do our best to get it to you in one piece. That means we bundle them snuggly, cushion them with bubble wrap and mail each order priority. If, after all our effort, you're not happy with the condition of what arrives, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to make it right.

We aren't setup for drop-ins just yet, but if you really want to visit,contact us and we'll see what we can do. As for pickup, with intown shipping, we can have just about anything to you the very next day or so, usually at no additional cost. 

YES! We actually prefer you have your candy shipped to wherever you plan to be when it arrives. Just be sure to entire your desired shipping address at checkout. 

For most orders we use USPS. We are huge fans of their priority mail service and find it magically makes it to most locations within 2 to 3 days, and many of our customers even get their candy in 1 to 2 days (we're talking to you, major metropolitan areas... and most of California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Texas...), depending on their location and the time of day they order. Just like any mail, the closer you live to a major hub, the sooner your candy will turn up.

We can!Contact usso we can be sure to make a custom packing slip. 

Check outOur Brand. Of course you can buy Candy Envy Brand Candy through other venues as well, but we have a harder time making sure that everything is just perfect that way. 

Yes. Just one package of anything you like! Are we allowed to mandate that everyone gets 1? Ok, so we guess the minimum order would be zero... but we hope that's not the case for you. 

We do our very best to provide the safest, most secure shopping experience, for this reason we use Shopify's online storefront. 

We can sure try! Order early in the day, request expedited overnight shipping, and you may even want to give us a call or drop us a line to confirm the estimated delivery. We can't guarantee it will get their tomorrow, for all we know you could live in a tree, deep in the woods, off the beaten path in Maine, but if there is any way to get it to you tomorrow, we'll sure try!

You can read our entire Return Policy here, but here're the highlights:

If, for whatever reason, you’re not happy with your candy, email us at customerservice@candyenvy.com within 5 calendar days from the delivery date, as stated on your shipment tracking, and let’s see what we can do.  Please include in your email:

your order numberwhat was damaged and in what waya photo of the damaged product(s)

For safety reasons, we do not accept returns of any opened items. All items returned must be in their original, unopened condition for a product-only refund; customers are responsible for the original and return shipping fees.

 Our return address is:

Candy EnvyAttn: Customer Service6340 McLeod Dr. Ste. 11Las Vegas, NV 89120


There’s a few things that even Mitch and Dave can’t help with, so let’s lay those out now so there’s no confusion later (See our Return Policy for more details):

Melted Candy

Amount of Candy (if you accidentally order too much)

Taste & Color

Order Cancellations

Note: we will gladly cancel orders free of charge if youcontact us before the shipment goes out.

YES!Share your email with usand we'll share our deals and promo codes with you whenever we can!

We can accept Paypal and major credit cards through our Shopify Checkout.

Don't open it, take pictures,contact us, and we'll do our best to fix it as fast as possible!

That's a tricky one. Go ahead anddrop us a line or give us a call, and we'll see what we can do to help.

We do not yet have a buffet setup service available, but we think you'll find it pretty easy with our trusty Candy Buffet Guide.Sign up for our customer appreciation program, or purchase a product, and you get our little e-book helper FREE!

We start poking about the shop around 9 AM and often work late into the night. We do our best to be near the phones and email between about 10 AM and 5 PM.

Not much! Luckily we run on positive feedback and good vibes from our happy customers. When it is time to sleep, we can't stop thinking about candy! 

We do, and he's a beast. You would think we stuff him full of candy, but he just eats cat food, and the occasional bit of tuna. The good news is he has no contact with the candy we sell OR the candy warehouse. He only gets his samples when Dad brings them home. He's a huge fan of anything that rolls or comes in a crinkly wrapper. Truth be told, we have never actually given him candy. He steals it. Like a graceless fluffy ninja he lumbers onto the table, desk, or counter, usually after a few attempts, and bats it to the floor... typically while the family sleeps. Or attempts sleep rather. The sleeping ends abruptly when his giant fluffy bottom thumps to the ground in pursuit of candy. Want to meet our loveable lug? He's planning to photobomb theInstagramaccount soon, stay tuned!

Yes Dear. Wait a minute...