Candy Best By

Let's be honest, pure sugar doesn't go BAD for a LONG time, but over time soft candies lose moisture and become hard, and hard candies gain moisture becoming softer.

The point is, fresh candy has the best possible texture and tastes SO much better than old candy. So why would you want old candy, when fresh candy will clearly make you happier, and we want you to be happy. So we take best by dates pretty seriously. The truth is, we get to decide when our best by dates are, so we test all of our products and make sure they are unmistakably amazing under all sorts of conditions before we decide on the "best" best by date.

Candy Envy Buttermints, Pink with Nutritional Information and Best By Date

The reason? We want to make our customers happy. If you receive subpar candy in the mail, you will probably be less than happy. So, we do everything in our power to make our candy perfect. We investigate every candy manufacturer and we taste all of our options. We keep our warehouse as clean, cool and dry as possible, so we can store your candy in the best possible environment.

Candy Envy's A Grade Warehouse... that's right, we're bragging about our A.

After we narrow down our options we store some in our A Grade Rated warehouse for a few months and even mail it to ourselves during the peak of crazy Las Vegas heat and chilly winter conditions. If, and only if, it passes all our taste and hardiness tests, it makes it to our product line. 

Since we don't just want our candy to be good, we taste it every so often to ensure it's still GREAT, and then we send it out, as soon as you order it.

We're so serious about you having the best candy possible that we will only send it out if it has more than six months of prime tastiness left. So you're buttermints are more tender, your rock candy more crisp, and your gumballs are as round and shiny as possible.Fresh Gumballs

That being said, sometimes you'll get a dud. Please let us know! Email us, call us, message us. We want to make it right. 

We do our best to keep your candy safe, but how can you keep your candy perfect until your event?

  1. Keep your candy cool - We once kept a sealed bag of buttermints in the car, in summer, in Vegas... for a week. When it's 115°F outside, just imagine how hot it gets in a car! Our perfect, tender buttermints, though SEALED, ended up perfectly packaged, mint flavored, pebbles. We do not recommend letting them get hot. We noticed they weren't ruined in the first few days, but after a week they were more like hard candy mints than our favorite melt in your mouth buttermints. That being said, a nice cool pantry would be just right to store them, and all of our candies, for the few weeks leading up to your event. 
  2. Don't store your candy for too long - Plan to order your candy no more than a month in advance of your event. The longer your candy sits the less fresh it becomes. Remember, if you order on a Monday morning, we can have your candy to you as soon as Tuesday afternoon, and at the latest Friday (depending on where you are). If you're not sure it will make it in time, shoot us an email or give us a call! We'll give you an estimate and will even recommend the best time to order if your event is a little ways out!
  3. Keep your candy out of the cold - Just as heat is rough on candy, so is extreme cold. Gumballs especially do not like to get cold. Freezing temperatures are more likely to promote brittle or broken candy. 
  4. Keep your candy dry - Wet candy is ruined candy, plain and simple. If you do not want to serve syrup at your next event, you'll want to keep, even sealed, candy away from moisture of any kind.
  5. Keep your candy sealed - The more protection your candy has from the elements, the fresher it will stay. If you absolutely have to try some (we totally get that, candy is irresistible!), place the remaining pieces in a sealed plastic zip bag, until your event.
  6. Keep you candy away from friends, family, and pets - Not many can resist the allure of sweet, colorful, Candy Envy candy. So it's probably best to keep it away from pretty much everyone until your event... or you could always order more!
  7. Never leave your delivery on the porch - Choose your delivery location wisely. More and more mail-order packages are being pilfered by porch pirates, nibbled on by marauding wildlife and worked over by the elements. Keep your candy safe by having it shipped to your office, a stay-at-home neighbor or friend (one that can be trusted, see #6), or plan to be home during its estimated delivery time to bring your delicious order in right away.