Candy Pearls - Black, 2 Pound Bags - Delicious Toppings on Desserts or Fillers for Candy Tables


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What would the black pearls be without Captain Jack Sparrow? A whole lot of sweetness... minus the eye makeup and dreads. Oh wait, that's just The Black Pearl. Lame pirate jokes aside, these pretty little candies are great fillers for candy buffet jars, just perfect to prop up your rock candy or add a little something special to confections.

Much like nonpereils of French cake decorating fame, these pretty little balls of sugar are so pretty, you're guests may not realize they're actually edible! They are a hard glazed ball of sugar that is crunchy much, like a slightly larger version of a nonpereil.

Perfect for use on candy buffet tables, beautiful toppings for cakes, and a much more economical ($0.47/oz.) alternative to large cake sprinkles/nonpereils (which often sell for upwards of $1.00/oz.).

Here are the Specs:

    • Color: Black
    • Bag Size: 2 lbs.
    • Flavor: Sugar
    • Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Fat-Free
    • May Contain Trace Dairy
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