Money Mints - 100 Rolls, 7 Mints/Roll, Wrapped Spearmints

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Each individual set of 7 mints is bundled in a detailed wrapper featuring the front design of a US, $100 bill. The novelty wrapper is sure to get your guests attention at your next business meeting, convention or corporate event, and the fresh spearmint flavor of these strong little mints is sure to keep your event fresh in the minds of everyone with whom you choose to share them! 

Here are the Specs:

  • 100 STACKS OF 7 DISC-SHAPED SPEARMINTS, ROLLED IN  PRINTED "$100 bill image" WRAPPERS (Front of Bill Image) 
  • Approximately 100 packs, with 7 mints in each pack
  • Spearmint Flavor
  • Each roll is 1.25 in X 0.75 in
  • Great for bank, banker, lenders, finance industry, business, convention and sales giveaways

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